There are three main components to an effective Asset Management system. These are a reliable, easy to use back end software application; handheld barcode scanning devices and a reliable labeling solution. As owners and developers of AssetAuditor, Digital Matter has extensive experience in all aspects of these components.


The backend application is developed using the latest Microsoft development solutions, and hosted on a SQL server. This can either be an organisations existing SQL server, or on a licence free version (SQL Express) deployed with the installation. Digital Matter’s Gold Microsoft Development Partner status is testament to our credentials. The application has an MS Outlook ‘look and feel’ which is familiar to users and easy to learn, use and navigate. It has extensive information associated with each asset ranging from Location, Financial, Insurance, Warranty, Condition, Status, Audit History and Asset Grouping.

Audits can be created very easily using the Audit Wizard and include assets for locations (Site, Building Floor or Office), Organisational levels (Companies, Departments or People) or Asset Types; or any combination of these filters. Exception reports are automatically generated identifying assets which are located in unexpected locations, or for those which the condition has changed. The application can automatically update the register once the Asset Manager has verified the results.

Standard reports are delivered with the system and a very powerful set of tools allows Administrator Users to generate multiple reports options directly from the database to be exported into EXEL.

Depreciation - a full depreciation management system manages all aspects of depreciation for a full cross section of Asset Types.

Handheld Scanners

The System uses a range of hand held barcode computer devices to allow for easy auditing verification and updating of asset information. Already successfully deployed on all leading brands - Psion Teklogix, Symbol/Motorola, Intermec, Data Logic and CipherLab - our application will run on any device with a Microsoft Mobile OS.


Because handheld scanners and barcode labels are an integral part of the AssetAuditor solution it is essential that the correct label is used for different asset types. Expert advice is offered to all clients on the most appropriate label solution, with options ranging from self destruct and self voiding labels, to more robust Anodised Aluminium and laser etched stainless steel.